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Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Is it necessary to carry the card?

Yes, you must not forget to bring your card. It will be your access; remember that the card is personal and non-transferable.

From what age can I start at the centre?

The minimum age to start at the centre is 17 years. Children under the age of 18 may access with the authorization of their father/mother/guardian. Click to download the authorization form for minors.

How and when can I request a contract modification or cancel?

You can process the fee change or cancellation atthe members area of the web or at the club reception before the 20th of the current month. If you try to unsubscribe after this date, the system will not let you do so.

What happens if the bank returns the receipt?

If the bank returns the receipt, you can pay it at the club reception or access your members area and pay by credit or debit card.


How can I make my bookings?

Bookings can be made through the members’ area of the APP, through the website and at the kiosk in the centre.

Is it necessary to book guided activities?

Yes, it is necessary to book classes.

How many active bookings can I have?

You can book a maximum of two guided activities at the same time. When one of the activities you have booked comes to an end, the system will automatically allow you to make a new booking.

Can I book a third guided activity?

Yes, we call it express booking. A third booking is allowed in person at the reception of the centre. It has to be a maximum of 30′ before it starts and as long as there are places available. This will allow you to make a new booking while keeping other bookings active.

Can I use someone else's reservation?

No, bookings are personal and non-transferable. In the event that the centre detects this, the booking permit will be frozen for 7 consecutive days and you will only be able to access the activities by making an express booking.

How far in advance can I book the guided activities?

You can book up to two weeks in advance.

Can I delete a booking one hour before the activity starts?

After the last hour before the start of the activity, you can only cancel by telephone. You will still receive notice, but subscribers who do not have a place will be grateful for the release of a place.

What happens after the third warning?

From the third notice onwards, the booking permit will be frozen for 7 consecutive days and access to the activities will only be possible, if there are places available, by making an express booking.
Each notice will be automatically cancelled thirty days after the date of notification.

What happens if I am late for a class I have booked?

If you have not shown up when the activity starts you lose all rights to the booking. A no-show notice will be posted and the centre will use your space for other subscribers who are waiting.

How does the waiting list work?

If an activity has no places available, you can join the waiting list. You can be on one or more waiting lists at the same time and they will not count as a reserve. As soon as a place becomes available, all those registered on the list receive an email informing them that there is a place and then they have to make a reservation.

What is the proximity reader at the entrance of each classroom for?

The proximity reader is used to validate your booking before entering the class. For validation, you will need a wristband which you can exchange for your old membership card at the club reception desk.
It is necessary to validate the class. The green light indicates that the booking is OK and that you can enter the class. If not, it will turn red and you will have to rebook or wait for the class to start if there is a free place.

What happens if I don't wear the bracelet one day?

Next to each reader there is a numeric keypad. You can also validate your booking by entering your telephone number.

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C/ Bonastruc de porta, 24 17001 Girona
Tel. +34 972 220 884
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Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m. and from 17:00 p.m. to 20:00 p.m.
Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m
Public holidays, open from 9:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m.
Except 01/01, 06/01, 15/08, 25/12 and 26/12 and every Sunday in August